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VW 15-Window Deluxe Bus for Sale

~Great 1961 Deluxe 15 Window VW Microbus~

1961 VW 15-Window Deluxe Bus for sale

This is a rare 1961 Deluxe 15 Window VW Microbus for sale. This bus hails from Hawaii. It was brought to the States a few years ago. The bus had some roof rust due to the salt air but that has all been fixed and now the roof is in great shape. The rust around the window frames has also been fixed so there is really just the lower half and inside to contend with. This bus has the correct hump front seat.

1961 is a great year for the VW bus as it still has the old tail lights and the bullet front turn signals.

And this VW Microbus runs and drives! It has not been driven on a regular basis for several years but it does run with working brakes so it can be shipped as a running and driving vehicle. The shipping cost for shipping a running vehicle is way less than shipping a non-opperable bus.

This is a good basis for a restoration or you could just put on some tail lights and turn signals and use it as is. (The bus had newer tail lights and turn signals on it that worked but the areas were recently put back to the stock turn signals and tail lights, so the wiring should still be functional if the older style tail lights are installed). The correct style tail lights and turn signals ware not with the bus, nor are the rear seats. The rear wheel wells had been cut at some point but they have been welded back in (though additional work will be needed straightening). The roof work is already done so there is just the lower sections that will need attention if you wish to make this a fully restored 15 window bus.

This is a nice, rare 15 window (rear corner window) bus! It should be worth $30k or more when finished. White wall tires really look great on these. This is a nice affordable one that could be enjoyed while fixing it up if you choose. Thanks for your interest, view the photo galleries so you know exactly what to expect, and let me know if you have any questions!

Click the photo below for many more detailed photos
of the interior and exterior of this 1961 15-Window Bus

VW 15-Window Deluxe Bus for Sale
1961 VW 15-Window Deluxe Bus Photo Gallery

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