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Retro Vehicles: Is Volkswagen Next?
Matthew Keegan
Retro styled vehicles are all the rage today... Given VW’s long running popularity, other long since retired models are certainly worthy of being copied, don’t you agree? The Karmann Ghia, the Thing, and the Scirocco are a few that come to mind, however they aren’t the ones slated for a comeback. Yes, VW’s famous “Bus” or Microbus is scheduled to return...
I Like Your THING!
John Snell X
I got this '74 Thing when I was 17 from a family by the name of Brenegen who lived down the street where I grew up. I paid $700 for it back in 1991. The car was in pretty rough shape, but it wasn't rusty. The windshield was cracked, the car didn't have a motor or a top, the rear fenders were in the back seat, and it needed brakes, tires, and ball joints...
My 1960 Ghia Adventure
John Snell X
I bought a 1960 Karmann Ghia at at the last Bug-In last summer. I didn't rent a car trailer. Instead decided it would be more adventurous to drive it the 90 miles back to my house in Minneapolis. And as the more experienced car fanatics will predict, it did indeed turn out to be an adventure...
Friendly VW Guy
At the time I owned my Ghia for about a week. It was my first VW and I was still learning VW 101. (still am) It was our first nice spring day and I couldn't help but take the Ghia out for a cruise. It was a great running car but had a few issues that had to be addressed. I just got done changing out the battery, generator, battery terminals and all connections...
Don't Shred my Sonny Reign!
Sonny Reign is a 1971 VW Super Beetle who was only days away from the metal shredder. The first time I ever gave any serious consideration to buying a Beetle at all was when my best friend took me for a ride in a light blue '71 Super Beetle he lovingly called Cloudy. I quickly decided that I wanted one and began my search...
My Volkswagen Story
Patrick Sills
As a member of a car club I often wonder what inspires others like myself to join such an organization. What got us interested in Volkswagens in the first place? There are probably as many stories of inspiration as there are dandelions in my front yard every Spring. With that said, here is mine...
  Beetle Saved From the Jaws of Life
One day I was buggin home from school when I saw a very sad bug at the local fire house. Being MR. volks I needed to check out this new bug in my territory. It was like a '71 standard with no and I mean NO glass, it was all busted onto the interior floor, it only had the drivers seat and the ignition with like 3 wires hanging out of the column. No lights front or back and it had shotgun holes all over...

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