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VW Things for Sale

~A Plethora of Volkswagen Things~

Volkswagen Things for Sale

Volkswagen Things for Sale

Classic Things for SALE!!!

We recently had a VW Thing bonanza going on here with three VW Things for sale. We've sold some nice Things the past several years including the one and only Safari Grande Thing Limo and we now have a very rare treat a 1971 VW Thing for sale - check it out below. Plus my very own 1974 Thing I've owned since 1991! Be sure to check out the featured VW Thing video as well as the VW Thing auctions to the right.

The VW Thing is an iconic part of Volkswagen history and they are becoming more difficult to find as time passes. So if you can find a VW Thing that is for sale near you it is definitely worth picking one up for your collection!

We do still have a complete and original Acapulco VW Thing Top for sale so contact John if you are interested.

1973 VW Thing1973 VW Thing Kubelwagen

All set up to resemble a Type 82 World War II German Kubelwagen this 1973 VW Thing is perfect for off road fun! New Tires, Recent Brakes and a very nice interior. Call John 612-805-2428

1971 VW Thing for SaleFlorida 1971 VW Thing

Here is a rare find a 1971 VW Thing! As you may know VW only imported the VW Thing into the United States in 1973 and 1974 so most in the US rarely see one of these at a VW show much less have the chance to own one. Now is your chance. Call John at 612-805-2428 to make your best offer.

1973 VW ThingFor Sale 1973 VW Thing in Minnesota

This '73 Thing is all tuned up and ready to be enjoyed. Perfect candidate for a full resto or enjoy as is. Only 35k original miles- we'll be putting together a full photo shoot and description - stay tuned. Or Call John 612-805-2428 to make an offer. Asking $8500.

Featured Volkswagen Thing Video

1971 VW Thing for Sale by Sunset Classics

VW Thing Auction

1973 VW Thing for Sale
1973 VW Thing in Ohio
Volkswagen Thing Auction of the Day: This is a nice partially restored 1973 Volkswagen Thing for sale in Simi Valley, California. Features a rebuilt 1835 engine, removable hard top, new front racing seats and more. Check out the Auction for full details.

Current VW Thing Auctions

For current VW Things for sale check out the listings above.

1974 VW Thing1974 VW Thing Auction in Minnesota

My very own 1974 VW Thing is up for sale that I have owned since 1991! This Thing was originally from Arizona so she has a nice solid body, Great Engine, Newer Ball Joints and Brakes, nice reupholstered seats. Call John 612-805-2428

1962 Mercedes Unimog for Sale
1962 Mercedes Benz Unimog 404.1 for Sale
Military vehicle enthusiasts check out this rare 1962 Mercedes Benz Unimog S 404 for sale. Unimogs have been used by many different militaries. The primary customer of the 404 S was the Federal West German army during the cold war. This particular Unimog was used as a French military vehicle - $9800 Call John 612-805-2428

Below we feature some of the great VW Things we've recently sold
For a complete gallery view and more info about each Thing visit our VW Cars Sold Gallery

1973 Orange VW Thing 1973 Type 181 for Sale

We have this very nicely restored orange Type 181 VW Thing for sale. This is a California Thing, originally from the Southern California desert. Very solid with no signs of bondo or rust. This VW Thing under went a recent, nice quality restoration. The paint is fresh and looks great! The interior was redone and looks fantastic and a new top was put on as well. The attention to detail is obvious. Bumpers, glass and rubber all look very nice. In addition, it starts, runs and drives very nicely. New exhaust system, wheels, tires and more. The original gas heater is installed but not connected. - SOLD

1974 VW Thing for Sale
Rare Avocado Green Thing!
Green 1974 VW Thing

This green car is one of many VW Things we have sold over the years. This one is the middle-of-the-road car of the bunch. This is a nice, affordable Thing that runs and drives now with working brakes. A nice running motor was just installed and front wheel cylinders and shoes were just replaced and are new so it's a running and driving, nice complete car. The top has no tears. This is an original Avocado Green Thing--the rarest of the 4 available stock colors, it has been repainted but it is fairly close to the original color. SOLD.


1973 VW Thing ProjectOrange 1973 VW Thing

Project Thing priced to sell at $1300 - SOLD

Here is another option for you if you are looking for something very affordable just to get your foot into the fun world of VW Things. It's a project car for sure. It's a '73 VW Thing and if you don't want to feel overwhelmed with a total restoration you could perhaps put brakes in it, put on some newer tires and a classic air-cooled motor and just enjoy it as is. It has a factory hard top. I got this one from a lady who had owned it since the '80s. It has low mileage but that doesn't exactly matter as much without the motor. It would be a lot of work to restore to factory showroom condition but that could always remain an option down the road if you were to just focus on getting it back on the road to start.

1974 VW Thing
Starts right up and runs great! 1974 VW Thing

The second VW Thing we have for sale is this great red Thing. The engine in this VW starts right up and runs great, even without giving it any gas, you can just lean through the door, hit the key, and the engine fires right up. When I was checking out this car the original founder of Things Unlimited was there tuning the engine and carburetor. That guy sure knows what he's doing because the car runs and idles great. You can have your choice of the wheels and tires that are on the car, or you can have a good set of stock wheels and tires if you prefer. - SOLD


Safari Grande 6-Door Acapulco VW Thing Limousine

Ever since buying my first 1974 VW Thing in 1991 I've been hooked, and now I had the chance to sell the one and only "Safari Grande" featured in Dune Buggies and Hot VW's Magazine! It was built by Larry Dustman of the Thing Shop in Arizona. A custom built 1973-1974 6-door Acapulco VW Thing Limousine! The front half of a 1973 and the back half of a 1974 - so it has heat in the front and back. Larry built 2 of these but the other has gone missing - it was last seen, gulp, in a junk yard, and has since disappeared.

This limo Thing has a stretched Hard Top, a stretched Acapulco Top, Full roll bars, 2387 Cc engine (this beauty roars!), and dual carbs. Larry changed the paint scheme to blue and white in the late '90's at the request of a previous owner.

Click image for photos and video of this Acapulco VW Thing (link opens to Sunset Classics)
1973 2-Door Acapulco VW Thing 1973 2-Door Acapulco VW Thing
1973 Acapulco VW Thing Interior 1973 Acapulco VW Thing

Another famous Thing (above) is an awesome custom built (also by The Thing Shop, and also featured in Dune Buggies and Hot VW's) sexy little 1973 2-door Acapulco VW Thing. The "Safari Pequeño" This is a great fun little Thing, and I believe it is a one of a kind. It was built by John Cullinan while working at the Thing Shop and shortened 14 inches to make it a 2 door. It has since had the motor replaced with a mostly stock VW Beetle engine, and the color scheme changed to yellow. (the 6-door limo and this 2-door actually switched color schemes)

Click below for detailed photos and video of this classic Acapulco VW Thing
1974 Acapulco VW Thing 1974 Acapulco VW Thing
1974 Acapulco VW Thing Interior 1974 Acapulco VW Thing

Acapulco Thing number three (above) is an original 1974 4-door Acapulco - Mostly restored by Steve Leonardis of San Jose California. Everything is stock, it came from California and has all correct vacuum lines and California emissions in their correct locations. It even has the original motor, original muffler, and stock Thing radio and speaker. Has the original Surrey Top on an additional frame, and a Hard Top with luggage rack (pictured above). 60,481 original miles. SOLD

Many more photos videos, and full descriptions of these three VW Things for sale can be seen at

Thanks for looking!

Safari Grande 6-Door Acapulco VW Thing Limousine1974 Acapulco VW Thing
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