1962 Porsche 356B Restoration Project Rust Repair

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rust repair

The entire front half of the floor was removed and replaced with a new section from Porsche Restoration Design. I was lucky the rear floor section was still solid saving money and time is always a nice bonus.

No Floor.

See the light shining from below?

rust repair

New Floor.

No more light shining from below :-)

rust repair

rust repair


Start with this...
(Needs a bit of repair eh?)

big rust hole in the wheel well
Cut out the Rust.
Follow factory welds if possible
wheel well replacement

Weld in the factory stamped patch and grind down the welds
repaired wheel well
Then sand and prime the patch so it's ready for painting and undercoating
new wheel well
More Rust Repair...
rust repair
I had to remove the door to view (and fix) the rust in the door jam.
It was tedious making the lip for the back of the wheel well section to attach to.
rust repair

porsche restoration stud welder repair

A friend brought over his stud welder (is that what it's called?) so we could pull dents. We tried it out on the dent in the nose of the car. The first pull pulled out more than half of the dent! I should have taken a photo BEFORE we pulled the dent, but it was about as round as a basketball.

More on this technique is on Page 4.

porsche 356 restoration

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