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Welcome to our Classic Beetle auction section where you'll find a huge selection of classic Beetles for sale from Volkswagen enthusiasts all over the world. We've sold quite a few mighty fine classic Beetles these past years ourselves like a super sporty 1963 ragtop Beetle, and a fantastic 1956 Oval Window Beetle but we may not always have just what you are looking for. Well chances are eBay does - as every VW lover knows you'll find one that fits your style up for auction any time day or night. I know I have - I just bought a 1977 Super Beetle Convertible! Yowza

For those new to the vintage Volkswagen scene the VW Beetle was the longest-running and most-produced automobile of a single design. In the international poll which awarded the world's most influential car of the twentieth century the Beetle came fourth - not too shabby eh? If you aren't already a member of the air-cooled gang perhaps today is the day - place a bid and buy one of the Classic Beetles for sale below - we'll welcome you to the club!

As always, have a great day from the air-cooled kids at Vintage VW Cars.

Current Bid: $6,100.00
(22 Bids)
Ends: Mar 07, 09:19 am
Current Bid: $6,400.00
(0 Bids)
Ends: Mar 07, 04:20 pm
Current Bid: $11,500.00
(53 Bids)
Ends: Mar 07, 06:12 pm
Current Bid: $4,700.00
(30 Bids)
Ends: Mar 07, 10:44 pm
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